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Our Team Are Professional, Experienced and Simply Fun to Work With!

As a nimble organization at IKA International, you’ll be rest assured that your one-stop outsourcing solutions are in good hands, with our pool of experienced and well-trained team of experts. ​​​​​​​

Our dedicated team is friendly, technically competent, and thoroughly committed to helping YOU to take care of all the challenging tasks so you could just focus in growing your business.​​​​

You will have access to value-added, professional expertise and this helps to reduce your overhead and labour costs.

​​​​​​​Low Kong Tat -

Founder, Accounting Micro-Influencer,

Solutions Expert in Accounting & Assurance ​​​​​​​

Kong Tat is the Founder of IKA International, a former Public and Chartered Accountant, and has over 30 years of related work experiences, including working in a managerial position at one of the Big 4 international accounting firms in Singapore. Travelled widely during his professional career, his unique ability to work in a cross-cultural environment was put into effective use.

*Fellow Member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA)*

*ACCA Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance*

*Wiley Certified Data Analyst*

​​​​​​​*Former Practising Member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)*

*Former Network Member of Chartered Accountants Worldwide*

*Former Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax & GST) of SIATP*

Low Kong Tat - Founder, Accounting and Audit Expert
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Our Founder

I could take time to go for short breaks at anytime, as I outsource all my accounting and tax work to Mr Low Kong Tat, IKA International. Just leave all your worries to him and his team, and enjoy what you love to do best. For me, it is travelling. Mr Low is a very dedicated and professional accountant.

Nick Kao 

Founder, Director

Muzart Learning Centre

Serial Entrepreneur

Karen Lim ​​​​​​​

Co-Founder, Director

Paws Fur Life Pte.Ltd.​​​​​​​

Kong Tat is a very professional accountant and he definitely knows his work very well. It has been a very fun experience working with him, and he does not have a boring personality, unlike many other accountants. We are definitely happy and satisfied with his services. And I have highly recommended him to many of my business partners as well.

Janice Choy ​​​​​​​

VP, Business Development

Agrivo InternationaI Ltd Group​​​​​​​

We have been getting advice from Kong Tat and his team for the past 2 years. Unlike other firms we have worked with, Kong Tat and his team is very very fun to work with. We have common languages, very easy to communicate with them and they are very professional in their work. He and his team are really a big help to our group of companies. 

Our Clients' Testimonials

Accounting Solutions

We will review and collect your business’ financial data to help you represent everything accurately to improve your processes and guide your financial decisions. ​​​​​​​

Our team focuses on understanding your numbers and giving recommendations for your improved efficiencies.

*Reconstruction of Accounts.

*Head-office Reporting.

*Group Consolidation/     Combined Financial   Statements.

*Accounting   and Fixed Assets schedules.

​​​​​​​*Bank reconciliation.

*GST Registration and Filing   of GST returns.

*Periodic book-keeping   include maintenance of   Ledgers & Sub-ledgers.

​​​​​​​* Payroll Support.

IKA Accounting Experts at work

Strategic Business Services

The strategic business services we offer are focused on helping you with every aspect of your business.


​​​​​​​-> Due Diligence.

-> CFO Support Services.

-> Mergers, Acquisitions &           Restructuring.

-> Cash Flow Projection.

-> Bank Financings.

-> Financial Planning &                  Financial Management. 

​​​​​​​-> Budgeting.

-> Strategic Business Planning.

​​​​​​​​​As well as:

-> Re-domicile of Overseas   Investment Funds to Singapore

-> Business Risks Insurance   Analysis​​

​​​​​​​-> Online Marketing Solutions   that includes Augmented   Reality Marketing


We become a member of your management team.


Another accounting business partnership signed with a serial entrepreneur

Business Set-Up, Tax & Risk Management

Teamwork is everything for accounting

We understand that each and every client is unique and we model our services to accomodate our clients in all possible avenue.

Our team of associates are committed to excellence and completely equipped to help you, so that you will be better placed to concentrate on your core business.

**Company Incorporation.

**Corporate Tax Services.

**Incorporation of Variable   Capital Company (VCC).

**Corporate Secretarial Services.

**Nominee Director Services.

​​​​​​​**Audit and Assurance.

**Detection of Potential 'Cancer     Cells' in Business 

   (ie. Accounting Errors/

     Mismanagement/ Fraud).

​​​​​​​**Compilation of Annual   Financial Statements.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​**XBRL Conversion.


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